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Nottinghill Investment Advisers
Nottinghill Investment Advisers
Nottinghill Investment Advisers Nottinghill Investment Advisers
Nottinghill Investment Advisers
Nottinghill Investment Advisers
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Southampton Square
7414 Jager Court
Cincinnati, OH 45230-4344

Tel: (513) 624-3000
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To repeat, the asset management business is competitive – we know you have excellent alternatives to consider.  Making the right choice requires a hard, careful look at the four P’s:


The People of Nottinghill are a seasoned team of professionals. Doug McPeek has been managing portfolios and/or marketing investment management services since the early 70s. Jeff McPeek has been managing portfolios and otherwise serving clients since 1999. Lindsay Mason has been an Operations professional since 2008. The good times have been great, and the others have made us better investors.


The Philosophy of Nottinghill is straightforward, and cuts across all that the Firm does. Specifically, the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) is largely valid. There are three exploitable anomalies within the EMH, however, and the three associated sets of buy/sell disciplines, when combined in a Value Plus or TPM portfolio, produce benchmark-beating investment returns consistently.


The Investment Processes of Nottinghill are hard-edged, and built around the Firm’s Philosophy and the discipline of numbers.  Large capitalization equities from limited-candidate universes are the focus.  Contrasting investment styles are represented in all portfolios, and each style’s sets of buy/sell disciplines have been researched carefully and tested thoroughly.  Background data in all cases go back to the beginning of 1980.


The Performance of Nottinghill is the best evidence of the Firm’s past success and a powerful predictor of future success.  In all cases, value has been added to the relevant benchmark over most time frames.

People.  Philosophy.  Process.  Performance.  Nottinghill Investment Advisers has the tools to succeed at a number of risk/return points, during different phases of the stock market cycle.  Put us to work for you!