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Nottinghill Investment Advisers
Nottinghill Investment Advisers
Nottinghill Investment Advisers Nottinghill Investment Advisers
Nottinghill Investment Advisers
Nottinghill Investment Advisers
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Index Plus Equity Strategy


Indexed Total Portfolio Management, or ITPM, is Nottinghill’s completely indexed approach to the management of a taxable individual’s or tax-exempt institution’s overall portfolio.  Included are U.S. equities in multiple capitalization ranges, a meaningful position in emerging markets (international) equities, a U.S. fixed income component, and positions in three alternative asset classes.


Portfolio Structure

Different clients are subject to different sets of circumstances; therefore, Indexed Total Portfolio Management encompasses three possible asset allocation structures: Conservative (50% equities), Baseline (65% equities), and Aggressive (80% equities). The Baseline structure is the following:

Equities - 65% of the Total Portfolio

  U.S. Large Capitalization Value -
  U.S. Large Capitalization Growth -
  U.S. Micro-Capitalization -
  International Emerging Markets -

Each Equities component consists of low-cost Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) shares, and is fully invested in equities at all times.

U.S. Fixed Income - 20% of the Total Portfolio 

  Total U.S. Bond Market -
  Intermediate Treasuries -

Each U.S. Fixed Income component consists of low-cost ETF shares, and is fully invested in fixed income securities at all times.

Alternatives Group - 15% of the Total Portfolio

  Emerging Markets Government Bonds -
  Gold -
  Real Estate Investment Trusts -

Each Alternatives Group component consists of low-cost ETF shares, and is fully invested in the asset class at all times.


Investment Strategy Objectives

Indexed Total Portfolio Management has been researched thoroughly and structured carefully.  ITPM’s investment objectives are the following:

A Positive Inflation-Adjusted Investment Return – A Life of the Strategy investment return greater than the inflation rate of the overall U.S. economy

A Structure-Consistent Investment Return – A Life of the Strategy investment return consistent with the component investment returns weighted in accordance with the portfolio’s asset allocation structure

Low, Structure-Consistent Volatility – Life of the Strategy investment return volatility consistent with that of a low-volatility, indexed, asset allocation structure


Investment Performance Summary

  2002 - 2017
ITPM Baseline
S&P 500 Index
10-Year Treasury Note
90-Day Treasury Bill
Nottinghill results are presented net of the management fee
Nottinghill Investment Advisers, Ltd., is an independent, registered investment adviser utilizing a number of large capitalization equity and widely diversified balanced investment strategies. The Indexed Total Portfolio Management investment return, which is provided net-of-the management fee, is a combination of the actual investment returns associated with certain indexed mutual funds/ETFs or the indexes upon which those indexed mutual funds/ETFs are based and the actual investment returns associated with gold bullion or an ETF tracking the price of gold. The investment results are actual; however, the combination is simulated, and such simulated data have certain inherent limitations. First, unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not reflect actual trading. Second, since trades have not actually been executed, results may contain an under- or over-compensation for the impact, if any, of certain market factors. The above investment return is associated with the time period from January 1, 2002 to September 30, 2017, and has been annualized. To receive a complete, more detailed description of the Indexed Total Portfolio Management performance data series or a complete list of all Nottinghill performance data series, please contact Nottinghill Investment Advisers, Ltd.. Whether simulated or actual, past performance is no guarantee of future results.



When evaluating Nottinghill and Indexed Total Portfolio Management, consider once again the principal Strategy advantages:

  • A seasoned team of investment professionals - the good times have been great, and the others have made these individuals even better at what they do

  • The complete answer - a widely diversified, completely indexed structure; one consolidated statement

  • Low management fees, transaction costs, and taxes – the Nottinghill fee is 0.60% of the first $250,000 of portfolio assets, 0.50% of the next $750,000; the weighted-average ETF expense ratio is 0.24%; very low turnover, and very tax-efficient 

  • Solid performance at a low level of risk – the traditional performance advantages of indexing, with below-average risk (volatility)